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Page | 4 Using UCM6XXX as Firmware Upgrade Server Guide UM6XXX STUP OVRVIW The following diagram illustrates a typical scenario using Grandstream UCM6XXX series. 1 ¶! * (- / / = 6 4, (1 @ * (* - = * ((! 1 % & / (%? ª # a / ((, 8 / . Humidity and temperature sensor DHT11 This sketch shows how to connect DHT11 sensor to the Z-Uno board and periodically report humidity and temperature values to. Как настроить и добавить карту на Apple Macbook Air 18GHz DC i5 8GB GB Silver IN Apple chiude le firme di iOS 1. Created Date: 2/28/ PM.

Page of Go. Page 55 - Перед первым использо Page 56 - Задание параметров Page 57 - Создание или изменени Page 58 Page 59 - Установка постоянных Page 64 - Временное изменение т Электронный программируемый. Инструкция по эксплуатации.

Table of Contents. Page 3: Table Of Contents Contents 1. Using the controller Page 4: Introduction 1. Introduction The iSense is an OpenTherm timer thermostat with many enhanced functions. Where information only pertains to one of the two versions then this is clearly stated.

A full description of the controller can be found in the Installation and Service manual. Overview The controller is menu-controlled, which means it is very simple to operate: it only has three buttons. Pictograms Display Time Page 5: Installation Most important pictograms Pictograms not shown Clock program active Controller requesting heat Continuous day temperature Central heating boiler on for hot water Continuous night temperature Central heating boiler on for central heating Frost protection Group 1 selected Summer mode Group 2 selected Manual setting Production of electricity Holiday program Warning symbols DHW standby function switched off Water pressure in central heating boiler too low Current room temperature General warning symbol Take account of the fact that objects containing metal will affect the reception.

These include steel-reinforced concrete, mirrors and windows with a metal coating, insulating films etc.

This value is purely an indication. The actual range of the RF signal depends strongly on the local environment. Remember that the number of walls and ceilings metal or otherwise can have a considerable impact on reception. Other objects that contain metal may also impact reception. These are not provided.

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The batteries ensure that the clock keeps running when the boiler is switched off. The batteries also power the backlight for the controller for boilers that do not have OpenTherm Smart Power.

These are required to operate the controller RF. The controller is now ready for use. The base station needs to be installed for the controller RF. Consult the base station RF documentation.

The programs that are set are saved if the boiler or the controller is switched off even if there are no batteries. Page 8: Room Sensor for Controller Rf Only Consult the documentation for your boiler for information on connecting an outside temperature sensor.

This sensor replaces the internal controller sensor. Prior to first use 4. Page 9: Setting Weather-compensated boiler control is also possible with outside sensor ; in other words based on the outside temperature.

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The controller has a programmed heating curve which determines the water flow temperature together with the outside temperature. The heating curve must be chosen so that the least favourable room can be efficiently heated even when the outside temperature is very low. See paragraph 5.

This is the default mode after initial start-up. You can adjust the default clock program or enter a completely new program. The controller starts pre-heating prior to the set time by default, so that the room has reached the desired temperature at the correct time. Page 11 You can use the button Delete to remove the selected switch time.

Use button C to set the time and the corresponding desired temperature. Once you have set all switch times for a particular day, you can copy the settings for that day to other days: - Go to the day. Page Setting Continuous Temperatures - S elect the day s to which you want to copy the settings using button C and press Save.

Go to the day. Then press button C. Go to step 2 to set the next day, or press Back to close this menu. The settings for the heating curve are highly dependent on the design of the central heating system and the home. This means that no clear advice can be given on this matter.

The heating curve can be optimised during use. The heating curve also shifts upwards or downwards when the temperature is increased or decreased. This ensures a constant temperature in your home for the period you set. Page Using The Controller 6. Using the controller 6. Page Fireplace Mode 4. Press button C to return to the main menu or wait five seconds until the controller automatically returns to the main menu.

Press the Continue program button to cancel the manual temperature change. This may be inconvenient if, for example, you have an open fire or if a lot of people are present in that room.

Other rooms in the house are also no longer heated in this situation. Page Information 6.

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The information available depends on your central heating unit. For more information see the installation and service manual.

Page Messages 7.

Messages This is what a fault message or service message looks like: No connection Fault indication to outside sensor Display text Menu Program RA 7. Faultcode - F No connection to outside sensor Display text No connection to outside sensor. Page 20 c is lit up. Faultcode - F Incorrect room temperature reading Display text Room temperature is out of measuring range or sensor is defective.

Solution Room temperature reading is incorrect. Contact your installer. Faultcode - F Controller failure Display text Internal fault. This may take 15 mins. Solution This fault code may appear after the controller RF is restarted, e. As soon as the controller RF has received a message from the connected RF sensors, the message will disappear. If the RF sensors fail to report, another fault code will be displayed after 15 minutes.

Fault indication Water pressure too low Display text Page Service Message 7. Display text Maintenance service type A, B or C required. Telephone number: Solution Contact your installer to have the central heating boiler serviced.

Consult the boiler documentation regarding the accuracy of the measurement.

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The controller RF range is influenced strongly by the prevailing situation see paragraph 3. Operation Menu-controlled using push buttons and a push-turn button Installation Directly on the wall using screws or built-in junction box as per standards Built-in system possible using built-in part art.

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