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We tread off the beaten PSU path today with a power supply from Raidmax that is part of the Cobra series. The Raidmax Cobra Power W is one of the few Raidmax branded power supplies we have had the opportunity to look at, though we have seen a pair of Sigma branded units.

It is also the smallest capacity Raidmax power supply we have seen. Interestingly, this is somewhat like what we saw with our recent EVGA reviews. We first saw a high powered top of the line unit which fared poorly and then saw a W unit that was very much entry level.

With the EVGA example, this worked out "OK" for the W model as it was a much more competent product than the top of the line product. Today, with the Cobra Power W, are we going to see the same thing from Raidmax? Indeed, when we back the power level and features down a bit does Raidmax deliver a serviceable product?

So if a unit passes all our testing it is definitely not something to take lightly. In fact we expect more power supplies to fail our testing than make it through unscathed.

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Overall, the build quality of the Raidmax Cobra Power W leaves a lot to be desired, including some way to escape paging Snake Plissken. With the Cobra Power W, we may have found "too much. The only redeeming value to this color scheme is that it is constrained to the large stickers on the unit which you could, conceivably, peel off leaving you with a flat black power supply. Once you get that taken care of, you are left with a very run of the mill black finish, normal overhead fan layout but fluorescent colored , and fixed cabling.

The housing itself though is very thin and bent during our usage and testing. When we moved to the interior of the unit, we found that, like recent comparable units, the design is very old but unlike with the EVGA B it is somewhat more lacking. In addition to this sparseness, this particular unit was originally designed as a dual 12v rail unit and has had an ugly bit of soldering done on the secondary to change that.

We also find very low end component selections with the capacitors being provided by Teapo and JunFu along with a fan from ShenZhen Poweryear Electronics Co. Making these low end component choices even scarier is the fact that we get absolutely no documentation with this unit and, to the best of our ability to figure out, you get a one year warranty with this power supply.

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From a business standpoint, the shorter the warranty on this unit probably the better for the people selling it. For the people buying this unit, well The thing is, this unit never even started off with much in the way of good results. Among the most striking early results was with the voltage regulation which saw the 5v rail drop by 0.

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That change is three times what the 12v and 3. For the 12v rail, 0. OK, well, that is all the bad news on the voltage regulation; right? The somewhat unfortunate thing is, these results actually allow this unit to end mixed compared to the already mediocre EVGA B because that unit saw worse 12v regulation.

So, while really bad, this unit manages to end up looking like it was punching above its weight. That did change somewhat when we swung around to the efficiency results which saw the v results range from On top of that, the 80 Plus results were How anyone could claim this unit was an 80 Plus Bronze power supply is just unfathomable.

Yeah, the load testing results for this unit are making that EVGA B look like a premium power supply right now. In what is probably one of the high points of the day, we can firmly say that the Raidmax Cobra Power W posted mediocre but passing DC output quality.

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  • As it stands, the DC output quality is not great, but it is passing and that is about as good as it gets today among the absolute metrics we have. Skipping the usual pleasantries about product placement and features, when it comes to noise output we are just going to go straight to the fact that this unit was bizarrely quiet.

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    The Raidmax Cobra Power W was quiet in all of our testing even though it has a completely unknown fan although it is a sleeve bearing , awful efficiency for modern times, and it was generally just a low end build all around. Perhaps the fan controller on this unit had just one speed, barely on, and that can explain the lack of noise output. Whatever the reason, the Cobra Power W was surprisingly quiet, though it seems that given the component selection, poor efficiency, and possibility that it is "so quiet" due to a far too passive fan controller this might not make the best solution for quiet cooling environments.

    Particularly where people are, perhaps, already dropping the airflow and using more efficient components to control noise output. So, be sure to weigh all of that before deciding how to jump with this unit.

    Sure, the most recent comparable W unit we have seen the EVGA B was by no means a good power supply, but it did at least have the distinction of being a better power supply than what we last saw from EVGA and being a passing unit. Today, the Raidmax Cobra Power W has the potential to follow much in the same pattern as the last Raidmax unit we saw the RXAE was not a good unit and the follow up product we are looking at is a W "80 Plus Bronze" unit.

    The similarities, though, end right about there unfortunately. Where the B was able to pull out a wholly uninspiring but functional pass, the Cobra Power W struggled in just about every test and did not pass all of these. When this unit was first pitched it was, and still is, labeled as being a "new" product.

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    Unfortunately, the only thing new about this unit is the sticker which is garish on the unit. Otherwise, we are getting a recycled low end product who should not have been on the market 4 years ago let alone today. If Raidmax wants to improve its profile in the power supply market, it is really going to need to take a long look at its OEM partner and at some point realize that Raidmax, and Andyson, are screwing any chance of making headway by continuing to fall behind the curve with outdated products like this.

    From start to finish, the only high point we could find with this unit today was the noise output, but even that gave us concerns as there is no good reason why it should be so quiet.

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    If the options were buy this unit or buy a hamster on a wheel to power your PC then you only have only one question. What do hamsters eat? In the grand scheme of things, there are good units, there are cheap units, and there are good cheap units.

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